If you want to grow and eat healthy food, radish is a great choice to start in your vegetable garden. Here are three reasons why you must grow grow radish in your garden:

Highly nutritious

Radishes are rich in nutrients such as sodium, potassium, calcium… You name it. Forget about your Vitamin C tablets. Only half a cup of radish is enough to fulfill your daily Vitamin C requirement.

Grows easily

Radishes only take 430-60 days to be ready for harvesting. Once they reach about an 1nch in diameter, you can pull them out of the soil, clean them and grab a bite. But if you lack patience, you can harvest them within two weeks of sowing as well. These young seedlings are called microgreens. They are highly nutritious with a spicy twist. 

Easy to care

Radishes don't ask for much. All they need is about 6 hours of sunlight everyday in a cool place. You don’t have to worry about watering as they only require water once every week.


Now healthy and tasty sandwiches are moments away from your garden. Use our radish microgreen seeds to get incredibly nutritious microgreen in just 7 days. There are tons of other microgreen seeds that you can try as well. This link will take you right there.

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