Whether your style is minimal or vibrant, there is a ceramic pot to suit your aesthetic. Combining ceramic planters with a simple garden (like a windowsill succulents) can transform your whole room! Ceramic planters are made of different types of materials such as stone, clay, bone china, etc., which is also the reason for the wide range of prices. 

Depending on your budget you can decide what may work for you. Ofcourse the porcelain grade that also happens to be the expensive kind will add charm to your house for years to come.

These  colourful solo pots are perfect for coffee tables, desks, and stands. With such planters you don't have to compromise on the quality, they are cheaper because of the size and the colour used in their manufacturing are more common. 

As you will move towards the exotic or unique colours the cost of manufacturing goes up and so the market price of the planter. If you are looking for one time purchase or an investment for a charming decor in your house then you can consider such large ceramic planters. To brighten up your floor space, try a tapered planter that comes with its own wooden stand.

Porcelain is one of the finest materials, making them expensive but durable (unless you drop them, of course). A drainage hole is a must if you want to grow plants directly inside a ceramic planter. Drainage plates are essential to catch the extra water from your pots and keep your floor and furniture clean. You can prep a boring dining table for an elegant party with something timeless, elegant, and practica like our mint-green porcelain pot which comes with a drainage plate!

Ceramic planters come in a range of shades, shapes, and sizes. For plant-a-holics, a simple ceramic pot can make an impulse plant purchase seem like a thoughtful choice. A quirky design, like our planter with a happy face on it, shows off that kooky side of your personality.

The sheer diversity of ceramic planters is amazing! Each ceramic planter has a unique texture, material, durability, or color. You can directly grow plants in ceramic pots as long as they have a drainage hole. If not, they are still a good match as cache pots. Put your plants in their existing pots and place them inside the ceramic planters.

Enjoy bringing a cozy, elegant vibe to your home!

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