Your morning salad is incomplete without radish. You ask why? Well because only half a cup of this vegetable can suffice your daily Vitamin C requirement. And that’s not all. Radish is packed with tons of antioxidants that keeps your skin and digestive system in great health. 

To start radishes in your garden, you can use a seed starter mix. Once the seeds germinate and you see 4-5 leaves on it, you can transplant the healthy ones into the ground, grow bags or planters. 

Ensure whatever planter you are using, it is at least 12” deep. If you are planting many radishes, maintain at least 3-inch distance between two seeds. This will allow them to grow peacefully, without fighting for nutrients, sun and water.

Keep the planter in a cool space where they can receive upto 6 hours of sunlight. You don’t have to worry much about watering them. Shower your radishes with water 3-4 times every week. That’s all it takes to keep them happy.

Now healthy and tasty sandwiches are moments away from your garden. It takes about 40-60 days for radishes to be ready. You can buy radish seeds from the link given here:


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