Just moved into your new home?

Fibre plants(seen in the image) are light and weight and easy to use with home wooden furniture.

We know how stressful that can be. Breathing life into your new house tops the list of priorities.
But it can be hard to figure out where to begin!
Let Garden Up help bring life into your home.

Beautiful and healthy plants are our secret to refreshing a new space and making it our own. A plant sanctuary not only detoxifies the air but uplifts the spirit and mind.

We have a fantastic collection of plant-essentials and accessories to start a new garden. Additionally for decor, grass baskets may be a great way to give the old plant pots a new look.


You can also use FRP or the fibre pots as seen above(used for monstera). These pots are super light and easy to cover old pots. Here is a curated list of products from Garden Up store than help you make your new house green and warm home: 

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