We all know that plant roots do not like soggy and compact soil. They prefer soil that is well-drained and adequately aerated.
To help our plants, terracotta planters allow water and air to pass through their walls. This enhances soil drainage while also allowing roots to breathe. Not to mention how amazing they are at maintaining ideal soil moisture and temperature for our plant roots!

If you’re new to terracotta planters, here’s a little tip: place a layer of soil inside the terracotta planter and gently press it. This prevents soil from escaping the planter when you water it and keeps our floors clean. Next, fill the planter with your potting mix and make a cavity at the center of the planter where you will place your plants. Add a thin layer of the remaining potting mix to cover the gap.

Some things never go out of style, but trends can be tempting as well. And there’s nothing wrong with adding some creative personal flair!

To customize your space, just grab some acrylic paints and the pot is your canvas!

If you enjoy a more natural look, feel free to place them in our baskets.

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