Tips for Germination- Tissue paper method

Tips for Germination- Tissue paper method

Paper towel or tissue paper method is an excellent way to start your seeds. All you need to do is place some seeds, pour some water, and place it inside a Ziploc bag. (See here for the detailed steps) But there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that you do use the Paper towel method correctly: 

The ziploc bag must be tightly sealed: A warm and humid environment is essential for seed germination. These ziploc bags do not allow the moisture to escape and maintain the conditions for seeds to sprout quickly.

Label the tissue: It’s impossible to differentiate between two seedlings once the seeds have sprouted. Since you cannot tell which is which, you cannot cater to their requirements either. This is why you should label the ziploc bag with the name of the seeds as you place them inside the bag. 

Transplanting: New seedlings are delicate. Their soft body parts will break at the slight use of force. We should be extremely gentle while separating it from the tissue and planting it into the soil. 

Now that you’re ready to experiment with the paper towel method, here is a collection of seeds you can try growing in your garden.


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