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There are so many kinds of planters you can choose for a home garden! And they all bring a special look and style to your home. So, how do we choose the right planter for us? Here’s three things that can help you decide.

Material: A helpful exercise is to ask yourself, "What should be the purpose of the planter?" Is it decorative? If yes, maybe this gorgeous planter with a minimalist design is what you need!

Would you like to grow your own vegetables? Try our grow bags made of UV-resistant HDPE material. They are light-weight, portable, easy to move around and perfect for vegetable gardens.

Size: There's only so much home space we can devote to plants! The right size of your planter depends on the size of your plants. Small indoor plants look gorgeous on tabletops and counters. Large planters are best for big leafy, bushy plants that demand a lot of space and a lot of respect! Jute baskets are ideal for someone who loves multifunctionality and have a tight budget. For example, this Jute Baskets looks adorable and subtle. This would look great in any home or office!

Price: Working with a tight budget this month? Happens to the best of us! To save up some money but still keep a lively home garden going, you may be tempted to consider plastic planters. But we can do you one better. Our small, brightly-colored rubber planters are affordable to just about any beginner gardener and come with a whole stack of eco-friendly advantages!

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