When it comes to feeding, watering, and caring for your indoor plants, you can use all the help you can get. And, we can all agree on how a few handy bits of gardening equipment make life a lot easier. A watering can is one of the best assistants a home gardener can have. The watering can is designed to slow the flow of water from the can into the soil. This prevents splashes and distributes water evenly across the plant and soil.

The long nozzle ensures that water trickles down and does not harm the plant. Plants are delicate and sensitive, especially the young ones. Their stems can not withstand the force of an unruly downpour. This is why most gardeners water their plants with a watering can.

The type of watering you will need varies depending on the plants you’re caring for and where they are. To water plants growing in your garden or huge pots outside, you'll need a larger watering can, which might be strenuous on your back. So, it's recommended to use a hose or small can (more refills). 

A metal watering can is excellent for indoor and balcony gardens. They are best for small to medium-sized houseplants. Also, metal planters are a stylish showpiece that completes the look of your garden, and the chic antique look is also perfect for room decor.

To make things easier for the Garden Up community, we’ve taken care of all the technical details and come out with a product that’s just right for the stylish urban gardener. Explore our watering can collection here.

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