Why you must grow marigold at home

Why you must grow marigold at home

Can you imagine celebrating any festival without marigolds? Decorations seem incomplete without the sweet smells of orange-yellow blooms. Here are are some reasons why you must get this plant in your garden right away:


The flowers of marigold are not the only decorations on this plant. The fern-like leaves are equally desirable and aesthetically pleasing. You can keep flowering marigolds in their small adorable sizes or allow them to grow a bushy foliage.

Mosquito repellant:

Nobody hates the sweet smell of Marigolds. Well, except for Mosquitoes. Having this plant in your garden can keep these blood-sucking insects away from your home.

Easy to Care:

Marigolds are easy to care for plants. They in fact become drought tolerant once they mature. You don’t have to worry about watering them every other day.

Are you looking for marigold seeds to start your own plant? Don’t worry! We got you covered. Here, you can find marigold seeds and plenty of others to grow in your garden.

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