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Organic Plant Protection (Set of 3)

Organic Plant Protection (Set of 3)

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The Dr series combo offers complete protection to your plants from all kinds of insect problems and keeps your plants healthy and strong. Organic plant protection is a combination of our 3 products - Doctor Neem, Doctor Earth, and Doctor Green

Doctor Green - Doctor Green is a natural protection for your plants to help them remain strong and healthy.
Doctor Earth - Doctor Earth is used along with soil, manure, or fertilizer for healthy and robust plant growth. The natural ingredients in the product protect the ecosystem in the soil.
Doctor Neem - Doctor Neem is a combination of Neem oil, Pongamia oil, and Lemongrass oil which helps protect your plants from sucking pests.


Net weight - 200ml Doctor Neem, 200ml ml Doctor Green, and 200ml Doctor Earth


Conntains Doctor Neem, Doctor Green, and Doctor Earth

Usage information

This kit has three products. Please refer to the instructions individually on the product label.


Ships in 48 hrs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pari Bhandari
Great products for plants

Complete care set for plants. I was worried about my soil quality, but after using these i was surprised to see that the soil quality improved.

tejaswi Sawant
It's really effective

I m writing this after using it 2 times. And I could see drastic effect. My mogra plant leaves were not at all looking good but now I it's started flowering n new healthy leaves started coming. Thank you Garden up.

Manjula Bose
A must buy

Very effective. I used doctor neem on plants and with single use all pests gone. I still have to use other two. Hope they are as good as doctor neem