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Kullad Succulent Planter (Set of 4)

Kullad Succulent Planter (Set of 4)

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Minimal design, modern look. Add a historic touch to your home or garden with this kullad terra cotta planter! If you dig terracotta pots for their beautiful patina color, then the benefits are sure to blow you away! The porous terracotta clay allows plants' roots to breathe, and the drainage holes prevent overwatering, promoting plant health. Taking on a curved silhouette, it offers plenty of room for planting inside.

The Kullad planter is the perfect all-season container for almost any plant in any setting, whether indoors or out. Your plants will look right at home planted in this fresh design.


Quantity: 4 pots + 4 plates

Special Remark: Drainage hole present for water to drain and a plate to collect that water. Plants not included.



4 inch X 3.5 inch


Terracotta. It is an eco-friendly material that helps a plant regulate temperature across seasons. Made of reusable food-grade clay, the walls allow water and air to pass. The material used is helpful in aeration for roots that will result in better growth of your plants, both indoors and outdoors.

Usage information

This pot has a drainage hole and hence can be used for growing a plant directly in it. For cleaning it use a damp cloth or wash in running water.


Ships in 3-4 days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Salomi Gunde
Cute and Affordable Planters

I was looking for some tiny yet elegant terracotta planters for Strings of Hearts and pearls. Glad to have found these pretty and very affordable ones here . I love the way strings of things look in these planters

Dr S Sahu
Lovely terracotta planters

I was looking for elegant terracotta planters for a long long time and was delighted to ultimately find them here at garden up store. They look beautiful. I liked them so much that I ordered another batch.

Muralidhara Konagolli
Awesome product

The pots are very cute and good looking. These are definitely made for succulents. Thank you.