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LECA Clay Balls

LECA Clay Balls

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Clay balls are a lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) with increased water retention, leading to less frequent water needs for your plants. This even reduces water wastage and provides proper drainage to plants if overwatered. The air gaps between clay balls in this clay increase aeration, and oxygen circulation to roots,  reducing the risk of root rot and pests.  

 LECA Clay Balls are an excellent protector of soil when mulching, a process of covering an open surface of the soil to retain its moisture. It is also reusable and environmentally friendly, making it a great medium for plants to grow in.


Net weight - 900grm, 1800grm, 3600grm.


Expanded Clay Balls. 100% Natural & No Chemical Used

Usage information

You will find it helpful for multiple uses:
* Drain Cover: Use it to cover drain holes in the pot. It allows water drainage while holding the potting medium in its place.
* Potting Mix: For plants needing a porous growing medium, add this clay in the required proportions to the potting mix for increased drainage and soil aeration.
* Mulch: Using a layer of this clay on the topsoil will prevent water splashing when watering, retain soil moisture and improve its appearance as well.
* Hydroponics: Root the plants in Clay balls and place them in a nutrient-filled reservoir. The nutrients are absorbed through wicking action, providing the roots with a constant supply of nutrients and water.


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So great

First of all, love supporting an indian entrepreneur and second of all the product is so great and I'm currently propagating some plants in the leca balls and it's going great so far. Plus it's so much cheaper than many other options out there