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Microgreen Combo Kit

Microgreen Combo Kit

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DIY Microgreen Kit is a one-stop solution to grow superfood right at home. Microgreens are a type of superfood that can grow quickly, within  1-2 weeks. These young plants are extremely nutritious and flavorful, and can be a great addition to your daily diet - be it on salads, sandwiches, or noodles.

They require very little growing space, making them the perfect option for your windowsill, kitchen counter, or even work desk. In fact, there's no other type of edible plant that can be grown as easily and quickly as microgreens.

Our microgreen kit includes: 

1. Seed bottles with a carefully curated selection of microgreen seeds (3 units):
Option a: Mustard, Alfalfa, Radish Purple (ideal for noodles)
Option b: Spinach, Turnip, Cabbage (ideal for salads)
Option c: Rocket, Kale, Pak Choi (ideal for sandwiches)

2. Biodegradable trays with lids (3 units): These biodegradable trays offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for growing your microgreens. Made from renewable and compostable materials, these trays are both practical and are an environmentally conscious choice for growing your food.

3. Horti Coir Discs (Qty-3): These coir discs are the ideal choice for providing the perfect growing medium for your microgreens. 

4. Plant Tags (Qty-3): Young saplings look similar. These tags will allow you to label each tray so that you do not confuse one microgreen with another.

5. Clipper (Qty-1): The clippers will help you cut the microgreens when they have matured.

6. Seaweed Extract (10ml): It is a nutrient-rich spray to maximize the potential of your microgreens. 

7. Spray bottle (Qty-1): It will help you sprinkle water and seaweed extract at the mentioned durations.

How to use the DIY Microgreen Kit?
Our Microgreen Kit comes with detailed instructions to guide you through the initial steps of growing your microgreens. The following steps will give you a quick rundown of the process:

  1. To begin with, take 1 horti coir disk in a tray and add 200ml of water to it. This will make the coir expand into loose, nutrient-rich soil. 
  2. Spread the soil evenly in the tray,  sprinkle seeds on the surface and add some loose coir on top of it. 
  3. Sprinkle some water and cover the tray with its lid.
  4. Keep the tray in a cool, dark place to help in the germination of seeds. 
  5. Spray water twice a day to keep them moist and spray the seaweed extract weekly for optimum nourishment of microgreens.
  6. Once the seeds germinate, expose them to sunlight and they will fully grow within 2-3 weeks.
  7. Harvest them with the help of clippers. Cut the microgreens 2cm above the soil and add them to your diet for maximum nutrition.

Bursting with intense flavors, vibrant colors, and concentrated nutrients, these microgreens are packed with culinary potential. What’s better than adding some color to your plate that also packs in a punch of nutrition!


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Microgreen seed kit

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