Microgreens Grow Kit

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 This kit contains everything you need to grow Microgreens at home, including:

1. Microgreens Seeds  (Pack of 6 varieties)- Red Amaranth (15 gms.), Sunflower (15 gms.), Mustard (15 gms.), Wheatgrass (30 gms.), Radish (15 gms.), Spinach  (15 gms.) 

2. Potting Mix for Microgreens - 2Kg

3. Growing trays-6

4. Water Sprayer

5. Instruction Sheet

*Please note that we have taken special care to include high quality seeds. But germination of seeds is also affected by external factors beyond our control. The viability of seeds also reduces over time.

Partners: We have partnered with 'The Banyan Company’ for these gardening Kits.