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Ready Potting Soil Mix

Ready Potting Soil Mix

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Why use ordinary soil in your urban garden when we have a ready-to-use soilless potting mix made just for you? 

This ready-to-use potting soil mix is an organic soil substitute enabling ease of gardening. The soil mix serves as the growing medium for plants, flowers, and vegetables. It is enriched with micro and macronutrients that are essential for the growth of plants.

Our regular red soil is heavy and might not have the required nutrients. It is difficult to unearth and handle. It hardens over time and becomes cakey.

Each component used in this mix is mixed for perfect root establishment and plant growth with these materials we reduced the weight of the product completely, making it light in weight and better aerated! The soil will remain fluffy throughout unlike regular soil.


Note: "We have revamped our packaging to make your Garden Up experience better and more eco-friendly! The image you see here is for representational purposes only. We will update the images to reflect our new packaging soon."



Variant 1. Deadweight - 2Kg and volumetric weight -  5L
Variant 2. Deadweight - 4Kg and volumetric weight - 10L
Variant 3. Deadweight - 10Kg and volumetric weight - 25L


It is a soil-less organic blend of 8+ ingredients like coco peat (Excellent water retention capacity), perlite (enables better water drainage), compost (organic compost), liquid fertilizers, and hormones (nutrients and supplements), Beneficial Microbes and Minerals.

Usage information

You can switch to this potting soil mix and get a healthy yield from your plants! Our eco-friendly jute packages come in 2Kg, 4Kg, 10Kg options.


Ships in 3-5 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Geetha Rao

Am an ardent follower of Garden Up. Love the way Ms Ekta presenta, direct to the topic without lot of gupshup, qualified info preseneted. Keep up the Good woek, Ma'am

Ranjitha Dias

Really good soil

Excellent packaging great quality

Recently ordered the ready potting soil mix. It is great quality, was moist and easy to use. My plants look happy. Thanks!