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Small Sphere Planter

Small Sphere Planter

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These planters with minimalistic design and smooth finish add modern and contemporary charm to your living space or garden decor. 

What is so unique about them, you wonder?
Well, they are made from spun glass fiber sheets held together with a polymer resin and hence the name fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) planters. Made using molds, finished, and painted by artisans, these planters are completely handcrafted with great care and attention to detail. 

What is different between fiberglass planters and conventional planters?
- The polymer plastic and fibrous material composite offer high strength and durability to these planters.
- These planters are low maintenance and can last a lifetime (literally), if you take some precautions while handling them.
-While metal pots rust and plastic pots break or crack, FRP planters perfectly withstand corrosion and harsh weather. These FRP plant hangers are lightweight, shatter-proof, and a versatile pick for your indoor or outdoor home decor.
- They are not fragile but are prone to scratches.

Did you know?
FRP being a nonporous material, it won't leech chemicals into the soil and harm your plants. That's also the reason why they are perfect for growing edibles.

These FRP plant hangers, come in different colors to choose from for your garden decor or home decor. Their simple yet aesthetically pleasing look fulfills your gardening and plant styling needs. 

When choosing planters for your plants- these sophisticated yet simple FRP planters are worth considering. 

Note - Planter comes with a drainage hole.

Placement - Outdoor and Indoors.

Proudly made in India


H - 5.1 inch X Dia - 6.5inch



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These planters are low maintenance and can last a lifetime (literally), if you take some precautions while handling them.


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