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Sprout In A Jar (DIY Kit)

Sprout In A Jar (DIY Kit)

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Introducing The Sprout in a Jar kit, for easy and efficient germination.
It comes with premium quality uncoated seeds to grow healthy microgreens in just 7 days.
Unlike other sprout makers, this kit has a specially designed strainer cap for easy drainage and airflow to prevent fungal problems with your sprouts. 

What’s in the Pack?

  • Glass jar with air-tight steel lid and anti-slip silicone base (900ml)
  • Strainer cap for sprouting jar
  • Vegetable seeds mix pack
  • How to grow guide


L-20cm x B-12cm x H-12cm
Weight - 800g


Food-grade, user-Friendly, eco-friendly, and sustainable package. Includes everything you need to grow sprouts using the easiest Sprouting Jar Method

Glass container with air-tight steel lid and anti-slip silicone base
The first-ever specially designed strainer cap
healthiest seed mix with the most popular vegetable seeds (Alfalfa, Clover, Fenugreek & Radish)
step-by-step instruction leaflet

Usage information

Store in cool dry place.


Ships in 5-7 days

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