Vanilla Scented Soy Candle

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Hand poured into a graceful glass jar, vanilla, burnt coconut and butter come together to create a tender affair for your senses. Pair it with a cup of hot chocolate, conversations and cozy vibes.

Gift it to a family member, friend or make place for it at your own altar for an engaging experience.

Do you appreciate uneven edges and unique sizes brought to life by some precious hands? Then you’re sure to love these eco-friendly candles proudly handmade in India. 

Product details:

Container: Glass Jar

Type of wax: Soy wax candle

Qty of wax: 90g soy wax

Burn time: 32+ hours

Dimensions: Height: 3" inch  Diameter: 1.75" inch

Colour: Yellow

Shipping: Ships in 2-3 days.

Partners: Joyous Beam Candle

We have partnered with 'Joyous Beam Candles’ for designing and producing these candles