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Vermicompost (Organic fertiliser)

Vermicompost (Organic fertiliser)

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Garden Up’s Vermicompost is the perfect organic fertilizer to enhance your plants' health and garden's growth. This nutrient-rich compost is created through a natural process involving earthworms, which helps break down organic waste into highly beneficial soil.

Made from a blend of organic kitchen waste, garden clippings, and natural materials, our vermicompost is packed with essential nutrients that your plants need for optimal development. It improves soil structure, promotes root development, and enhances moisture retention, making it a necessary addition to any garden.

Not only does vermicompost provide essential nutrients, but it also supports microbial activity in the soil, thus creating a thriving ecosystem within your garden. Its slow-release nature ensures a long-lasting impact, providing sustained nourishment to your plants.

Note: This is the final product and does not contain earthworms.


Net wt- 4 kg



Usage information

This Vermicompost has a granular texture, which is considered to be the purest form of compost. It is packed in a reusable jute bag
All you have to do is Mix compost directly in with potting soil or put a layer of compost on top of the soil.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Manorama Chaudhary

I ordered vermicompost which looked made up from intensely nutrients enriched waste. Good part is that I did not notice any stress in my plants after putting the vermicompost in this cold weather of late November whereas I don't know whether my plant needs it or not in case if it's going for dormancy. I got the is truly organic and no chemicals. I also purchased terracotta pots which are exactly the same as shown on the website and were appreciated by my guests. Thanks Ekta for keeping my trust that developed over the time watching your videos.

Swetha Sailesh

I have never used compost to my plants .. let me see the change first and then i will review


Fantastic quality