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Warm Daisy Mandala Planter

Warm Daisy Mandala Planter

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These mandala planters are terracotta planters- timeless, handmade and sourced locally from artisans all over southern India. They are hand-painted with acrylic colors using Indian intricate mandala designs. 

Do you know how these beautiful mandala planters come alive? 

  • Firstly, the locally sourced raw earthen pots undergo sanding for a smooth surface. 
  • A base color coat is applied depending upon the chosen mandala design.
  • Mandala is a highly intricate and creative process,  made using dotting tools. 
  • A layer of varnish, a color sealer, is then coated making the pot waterproof, washable and fade-proof.

    These mandala planters are eco-friendly, providing a pop of color in your home, office or garden amidst all the greenery. All planters are carefully packaged using organic materials as much as possible when delivered.

    Note - Planter comes with a drainage hole.

    Placement - Outdoor and Indoors.

     Proudly made in India


    Dia - 3.6 inch X H - 3.4 inch



    Usage information

    These planters are stress-free to maintain. Here are some tips to make them look brand new, always:

    - You can clean them with a damp cloth, but remember to not use a scrubber.
    - You can wash them under running water using mild hand soap.
    - You can keep them outdoors, thanks to varnishing the colors remain permanent without fading.
    - You can directly pot succulents in them, as they are non-absorbent due to inside-out varnish coating.


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    Beautiful product