Whether you use basil while cooking or not, everyone loves having a basil growing in their kitchen or backyard. In fact, it's a great companion plant to grow with tomatoes, gourds, beans etc. Basil flowers attract pollinators such as bees and wasps that help in fruit formation for all kinds of veggies. Additionally, different kinds of Basil, especially holy basil have been part of many Indian households for centuries and all for the right reasons.

Health Benefits:

Basil is a popular herb rich in Vitamin K and antioxidants which gives its leaves the aroma and flavor. Research shows that Basil leaves are efficient in reducing blood sugar and symptoms of stress.


Are you in the mood for something Italian? Your dish may seem incomplete without green Basil leaves. They are aromatic and bring rich delightful flavors to your tomato dishes, zucchini, and garnish your soups and sauces. Pesto- a creamy green sauce, is made using basil leaves. You can try it as a dip or spread the sauce over your morning sandwich.


Not a fan of basil in food? You can still use it for decoration. Basils have large, leathery, oval leaves in shades of green and purple. They are also available in plenty of varieties.

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