About Us

Origin story

The Garden Up Store started as a small offshoot of Garden Up and found immense success in early trials. Our niche of ecofriendly gardening supplies, accessories, and products has helped us reach where we are today.

While Ekta, our founder, was developing Garden Up, she came across a gaping hole in the commercial gardening market. There was no one place where an environmentally conscious gardener could go looking for supplies and inspiration. There had to be at least one store where she didn’t need to worry about where products were manufactured, what materials they were made with, false advertising, a limited catalog and all the other troubles an urban gardener faces every day. But there was no such place.

Taking matters into her own hands, Ekta trialed a little store where someone like her could go shopping for all her gardening needs. In the span of a few months, this little experiment soared. Thus was born the Garden Up Store.

Since 2019, Ekta has been using her vast and highly curated network of artisans and gardening supplies manufacturers to keep the Store well-stocked, updated, and always improving.

The Team

Ekta Chaudhary
- Founder -



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About Us

The Garden Up Store is a one-stop hub for Indian brands and made-in-India products to meet all your gardening and ecologically conscious home décor needs. Our Store’s philosophy lies in our strong belief that locally sourced, handicraft, and indigenous products deserve a spotlight. 

This is why every product in the store is vetted by our small, passionate team of urban gardeners. In fact, unless a product is tried, tested, and approved by our founder, Ekta Chaudhary, it does not make its way into our curated inventory. You will find that every product is accompanied by transparent information about its origins and materials used.

Our Store started off as a small offshoot of Garden Up and found immense success in its niche of eco-friendly gardening supplies, accessories, and products. We have now grown to showcase over 112+  products from 12+  Indian vendors.

The Garden Up Store also supports Indian brands with excellent products but is in need of wide exposure. In the process, we cross paths with many highly skilled and ambitious artisans and small business owners across the country. 
We are proud to say that we mentor artisans, vendors, and handicraft communities. Many of our vendors are women from across the country whom we mentored, trained, and supported with the practical knowledge necessary for commercial success.

The Store is now proudly run by a small team led by a former vendor with the same values and high standards. With our experience and ethical goals, we do our best to protect our vendors’ interests and deliver on our promises to our invaluable patrons. 

From the beginning, the ethos of our store has been simple but firm: high-quality products of high utility value that are environmentally and economically sustainable sold in a transparent process with minimal single-use packaging.

Did you know that Garden Up was founded in a small hostel room in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore? Head on over to 'Story' to read about this fascinating little origin story!