How many times have you noticed one of the tell-tale signs that your compost pile isn't turning dark anytime soon, but couldn't figure out the cause? Well, you are not alone! Here are the 3 most common reasons for a bad compost pile.

Is your compost too wet? 

A wet compost indicates a lack of dried leaves, straws, or cocopeat. To keep the compost consistent, a balance of kitchen waste and dried leaves is essential.

Water from kitchen trash accumulates within the heap, slowing the composting process. But it’s salvageable; just add some dried leaves and stir the heap once a week. Make sure the system is well aerated without any blockage in the drainage holes of the bin.

Is your compost too smelly?

The trick here is to strike a balance between dried leaves and kitchen garbage. The compost starts to smell when we add excess kitchen waste. If your compost stinks, add some dry leaves and stir the pile with a wooden spatula.

You might also try adding Bokashi powder once a week.

It contains microorganisms and bran powder, which help to keep the compost odor-free. 

Is your compost too dry?

If your compost is too dry, there are a couple of possible reasons: It’s too hot in your region. You have added too many dried leaves to the compost bin. A simple remedy is to fill the compost bin with water and mix it with a wooden spatula.

Always maintain a balance of kitchen trash and dried leaves.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to creating a healthy, odourless compost.


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