Dealing with Plant diseases

Dealing with Plant diseases

Plants may not be able to talk with humans, but they do communicate in their own way. Wilting leaves, brown, burnt-looking spots on the top of leaves, or black spots are some of the common signs shown by your plant to remind you to spray Doctor Green onto them. 

Doctor Green is a water-soluble mix that arms your plants with antifungal and antibacterial microbes, thereby reducing the chances of fungal diseases affecting the plants. 

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What to do?
Doctor Green helps your plants fight diseases. Mix 5 mL of Doctor Green solution with 1 litre of water. Shake the mixture well and, voila, your solution is ready! Spray the mix all over the plants’ canopy, especially the infected spots.

For the best protection and benefits, spritz the solution once a week. If the fungal condition clears up, you'll know your Doctor Green treatment was effective! 

To prevent and manage soil diseases, try Doctor Earth! In combination with Doctor Green, this protects your plants from pesky pests and pathogens. We now have bundled products just for this very purpose. Check them out!


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