Dealing with soil insects

Dealing with soil insects

Are soil insects troubling your plants? 

Here’s what you can do to protect your plants:

Option 1:  Add 5 ml of Doctor Earth solutions to a litre of water and mix it well. Pour this solution into the soil uniformly. For best results, repeat this treatment every seven days.

In the case of potted plants this is the most effective way to save the soil and plants from insects.

If you plan to use it in lawns and outdoor gardens, know that you'd need 50–60 grams of neem manure per square metre of soil.


Option 2: Mix 20–30 grams of neem manure into the top 2 inches of soil for potted plants. You can add more after 30–45 days.

Additionally we would like you to know that not all soil insects are bad for the plants. In case you are seeing earthworms in soil, save them and protect them. They will help the soil get more nutritious for your plants.

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