How to Grow Basil?

How to Grow Basil?

Looking for some basil leaves for your pesto? Well, you can have an unlimited supply of basil leaves right from your kitchen garden. Plus there are plenty of options to choose from. You have the green basil, purple basil, lemon basil, and more.


When to grow?

As spring arrives and things start to warm up a little, basil seeds can be started in the seed starter potting mix. See here how to prepare your own ‘seed starter’ potting mix. Anytime between February to April are the best months to start. In case you stay in a cold region, just be sure to keep them warm since Basils are sensitive to lower temperatures. 

Where to grow?

You can use seedling trays or small terracotta planters to start seeds. Once they sprout, you can move the seedlings into the regular pots. 

How to care?

Water your Basil every day and keep them under direct sunlight for 5-6 hours.

If you are wondering about where to source Basil seeds from, we offer kinds of Basil seeds. Check them out here.


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