How to use sea weed as a plant fertilizer?

How to use sea weed as a plant fertilizer?

Although it appears to be a plant, seaweed is actually an algae that carries all of the nutrients your plants require. Seaweed has traditionally been used to boost plant growth, particularly prior to the development of commercial fertiliser.

Our plants require nutrition to grow, which they absorb from the soil. But when the soil is depleted of nutrients, you can replenish it with seaweed solution to help plants grow new leaves, flowers, and fruits. 

How to use seaweed in your garden?

Seaweed Solution is available in concentrated form and is very simple to use. First, we need to dilute the solution. Shake 3 ml of seaweed extract into 1 litre of water until fully combined, and your solution is ready to use. Pour the solution into your potted plants until it comes out through the drainage hole. This ensures that the nutrients are available even to the deepest roots. 

Seaweed solution can also be used as a spray. Every week, use the solution and water mixture and spray it all over the plant canopy.

Spraying is optional and is not a substitute for pouring the solution into the soil. 

You might have seen seaweed granules on the market too. Although both seaweed granules and seaweed solution are fertilisers, they help your plants in distinct ways. Which one should you purchase?

The seaweed solution can be diluted in water and poured straight into the soil or sprayed over the plant canopy. It rapidly nourishes the entire soil and works best with heavy feeders.

Seaweed granules are slow-release fertilisers that release nutrients when the plant is watered. This keeps nutrients from exiting the pot and is best suited for plants that require mild and gentle feeding. 

And, how do we use seaweed granules?

Seaweed granules are made from algae found in the sea. They are small fertiliser pellets that release nutrients slowly into the soil. This prevents nutrients from escaping through the drainage hole while you are watering your plant. Using seaweed granules is easy. Take a handful of pellets and mix them well into the top 1 inch of existing plants.

When starting a new plant, you can also place it in the pit of the soil, right below the roots. This guarantees that the nutrients are well within the roots' reach. Plus, it can help to decrease transplant shock and aid in the proper repotting of your plants.

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