Neem has been around for centuries, slowly infiltrating most of the things we use every day, from cosmetics to syrups, and now to valuable gardening space! Azadirachtin, the active ingredient, functions as a natural insecticide for gardens and can also be used on interior plants. Neem spray is a solution made using 5 ml of neem oil in 300 ml of water. Neem oil is insecticidal and repels insects from our plants. Spraying the solution on our plants can significantly reduce the infestations of numerous insects, including aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, whiteflies, and others. 

We’ve made it easier for you by preparing a neem spray that’s ready-to-use! With our neem oil spray, your plants will remain safe from all kinds of insects and grow peacefully. For best results, you can spray it on your plants once every week.

When should you use neem oil spray?

The day you detect an insect infestation is the day you should start the neem oil treatment. The insect population grows rapidly, and in no time there will be thousands of insects covering your plants, so waste no time, dear gardeners.

Always use neem oil spray early in the morning or during the evening. During the day, the plants are busy with their daily activities, and a neem oil treatment may interfere with them. Wait for the sun to go down and then spray the solution on every corner of your plants. Leave the spray on the plants for a few hours and wash it off before noon.

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