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If working from home is starting to feel stale, it may be time to revamp your home office with some green love! Working from your living space can be draining (excuse the pun). A beautiful home garden is perfect to freshen up and purify any part of your home. Whether you want to start microgreens in your lovely kitchen, grow creepers in your breezy balcony, or uplift your warm living space and cosy bedrooms with little (or big) potted plants, we have the exact right choices for you! The choice of plant and planter matters. The right planter creates a good home for your plant while also keeping your floors clean and your room elegant. 

Experimenting with the shape of the planters may be helpful in adding new dimension in your current decor.  Our Hexagon or Greek Vase planter, for instance, are perfect for turning a boring desk or table into a gorgeous living space.

Additionally you can experiment with the material of pots. We say skip the boring age old plastic go for more environmentally safe and chic options. Our ceramic collection not only comes in a range of shapes and colours, we also offer designs with drainage plates. This will help you keep the space clean and green.

Here is curated list of products that might help revamping your space:


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