Although some highly experienced gardeners do grow plants directly in metal planters, we strongly advise against it. Metal heats up very quickly, especially in tropical environments and cities.

This also heats up the soil and roots, causing a great deal of damage. This is why metal planters are almost always used as cache pots for decorative purposes.


Place your plants along with their existing pots inside the metal planters. This will cover up the inner pot and save you from repotting the plant just to upgrade the plant’s appearance. As long as the inner pot is of a smaller size, any material (except metal) can be used for the inner planter.

Metal planters come in different sizes and designs to decorate our living rooms, bedrooms, and even our kitchens. Small planters sit well on kitchen countertops, window sills, and coffee tables. Large planters are more suitable for spacious rooms where your plants can claim all the space they obviously need.

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