Who does not adore a hanging plant? When we run out of space to indulge our plant love, we tend to look up (yes, literally).

Hanging plants are perfect to jazz up the vertical areas in your home! But with lovely hanging plants come their unique challenges and care routines.

 Watering is the hardest part of caring for your hanging plants. How do you water it without drenching your floors and carpets? But not to worry—‘Garden Up has got your back! We have curated a list of watering tips for your blooming hanging garden.

Use drainage plates: For hard-to-reach shelves, you can place plastic lids under your hanging plants and simply water them. This method allows plants to soak water through the drainage hole.

Use Ice Cubes: Keep some ice cubes in the pot but away from the stems. The ice will gradually melt into water and enter the soil. Use Capillary Action: It’s amazing how you can reuse a plastic bottle for watering your plants with ease. Cut a bottle in half and fix it to the soil.

Take a strip of cloth and bury one end in the soil while the other end hangs inside the bottle. Pour water into the bottle, and the plant will be watered automatically. 

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