Archeologists have discovered terracotta sculptures that are 5,000 years old! It’s not surprising that terracotta is ancient, because we always thought terracotta looked and felt timeless.

Terracotta planters are made with baked clay and are affordable for anyone gardening under a budget, starting 300 Rs. for a set of pots. Generally in the market, there are two finishes available: Hand done and Machine done. Both are unique in their own ways. Below is an example of the hand made kind, that are very common in the Indian market.


The other option i.e. the machine finish is more cleaner looking and durable. Garden Up’s own collection of terracotta planters offer a smooth look and stylish designs to match to spruce up your home gardens.

In terracotta you can get anything from 2"suitable for succulents to 12"suitable for large foliage plants. Buy the size needed for your plants, but our word of advice is to always buy pots with drainage plates. Our high-quality terracotta planters go a long way and are less prone to fading in colour. 

These traditional planters can withstand many kinds of outdoor weather while providing the ideal environment for a plant’s roots.

Just because terracotta is well-known doesn't mean it can’t be fresh! One of our best-selling terracotta planters is shaped like a cup-and-saucer set. Try not to mix these up with your chai cups! If you’re looking to make a big statement, then the giant cup-and-saucer planter is right for you.

And for that earthy indoor vibe, small terracotta planters are the perfect addition to your home garden. These little planters can complement your succulent collection and draw eyes. They come as a set of 6 for you to grow succulents to your heart’s content!


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