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Plant Protection Combo (Dr Neem + Dr Fungi)

Plant Protection Combo (Dr Neem + Dr Fungi)

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What is Doctor Neem?
Doctor Neem is a combination of Neem oil, Pongamia oil, and Lemongrass oil which helps protect your plants from sucking pests.

Why should I use Doctor Green?
The triple-action of Neem, Pongamia, and Lemongrass offers protection against both soft and hard-bodied insect infestations like aphids, mealybugs, thrips, ants, spiders mites, etc. It is a 100% soluble and organic composition that is easy to use. Unlike the usual neem oil solution you may find in the market, Doctor Neem does not need a mixing of soap to bind neem oil with water.

What is Doctor Fungi?
It is a 
go-to pre-mixed formula designed for effortless plant disease defense!
It is a water-soluble formula which is meticulously engineered to provide an advanced shield for your plants against a broad spectrum of threats. It combines a strategic blend of elements, offering a proactive defense mechanism that acts as a robust safeguard for your plants.
Doctor Fungi ensures your plants receive the protection they need to thrive in the face of various plant diseases!

Why should I use Doctor Fungi?
Balanced Blend to Combat Fungal, Bacterial and Viral Diseases.
Effective against Infestations in Soil, Leaves & Stems
Organic & Eco-Friendly Plant Protection.
Suitable for all types of Indoor & Outdoor Plants.


Dr Neem+ and Dr Fungi - 200ml
Dr Neem+ and Dr Fungi - 500ml


Vitamins and Minerals

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It's a concentrate that needs to be diluted with water. For more details on usage please refer to the instructions on the product label.


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