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Seaweed fertiliser (Concentrated Liquid)

Seaweed fertiliser (Concentrated Liquid)

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What is seaweed extract?
It is an organic-bio stimulant that is packed with nutritional benefits. The liquid seaweed extract offers a simple and easy method of fertilization for healthy and stress-free plants.

Why should I use Seaweed extract?
It contains essential macro and micronutrients for plant development. It also helps in improving nutrient uptake and withstands stress from heat, cold, wind, drought, and disease. It further boosts yield & enhances plant quality.


Net weight - 200 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml.


Concentration Guarantee of 28% w/ v Extract of Red & Brown Algae Extract, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid"

Usage information

Take 2.5 ml of liquid and dissolve in 1 Litre of water; Mix well before spraying on foliage or applying directly to the plant bed or potted plants; Dip the Vegetable / Flower seedlings in the solution before planting.
For best result, repeat after every 2-3 weeks.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Riddhi Kumthekar
Good to invest

Very good results

Nidhi Gupta

Good results

Arrived in good condition. My plants like it

I will definitely buy IFFCO seaweed fertilizer from Garden Up again. The packaging is good, no leaks. My plants seem to like it. As a new plant mom, I learned from watching Ekta and am learning to keep my plants alive and healthy. There's a lot of information out there about plant care, it can get overwhelming. I find it easy to buy from Garden Up's curated offering than verify sellers on Amazon where a lot of items are fake or not as advertised.