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Unloved! Yellow Watering Can (1 ltr)

Unloved! Yellow Watering Can (1 ltr)

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Embracing the unloved!
Gardening is about embracing nature as it is - with its beauty and imperfections.
There is no functional issue but it may have a touch of imperfection. We feel that this unloved piece too deserves a home - a small corner in your heart and garden.
Let your garden bloom with love as you nurture it with this weathered treasure.
Happy gardening!

Design of the product: The stout is designed to lower the water pressure that protects your delicate plants. It allows easy control over the water flow when pouring it into the soil. Remember this watering can is more than an accessory. It is an excellent decor piece too to add style/elegance to your impressive plant collection.

Proudly made in INDIA


Length - 28cm, Dia - 18cm, 650ml, 450gm. Holds upto 1 ltr water(+-80ml)


Cast iron with powder-coated paint that helps preserve its strength and longevity.

Usage information

You can use this watering can for watering plants conveniently, both indoors and outdoors.


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Customer Reviews

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Samprati Pani
Love the unloved

I love the colour and the design of this watering can. It's great to use this for indoor plants without causing spillage. The defect on this unloved can is minimal, just a spot of uneven paint on the snout. Imperfect pieces have more character than perfect ones. Love the unloved series.